Schedule & Results, House League Christmas Tournament, 2013-2014 (Waterloo Minor Hockey)

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Friday, December 27, 2013
N-A (XOVER)N-19:00 AMPillers Skills Plus White 1-7Kitchener Rangers
N-BN-29:00 AMLions Skills Plus Red 2-3Lowe's
N-AN-39:30 AMOptimist Domino's 4-7Libro Financial
MA-A (XOVER)MA-110:00 AMPillers Piller's 0-4Kitchener Rangers
MA-BMA-210:00 AMLions Waterloo Engineering Society 2-5Domino's
MA-AMA-310:30 AMOptimist Robert J. Ruetz Insurance 1-1Sun Life Financial
A-AA-111:00 AMPillers ATOMc Teal 4-2ATOMc Purple
A-AA-211:00 AMLions ATOMc Green 3-1ATOMc Yellow
A-BA-311:30 AMOptimist ATOMc Blue 2-3ATOMc Orange
A-BA-412:00 PMPillers ATOMc Black 2-2ATOMc Red
MP-AMP-112:00 PMLions JWS Woodworking 4-2Bimeda White
MP-AMP-212:30 PMOptimist Kitchener Rangers 4-1Bimeda Green
MP-BMP-31:00 PMPillers Delivery Guys 0-3Lowe's
MP-BMP-41:00 PMLions Domino's 2-1Carefree IT
P-AP-11:30 PMOptimist Canadian Tire Sky Blue 1-2Canadian Tire Royal Blue
P-AP-22:00 PMLions Canadian Tire Black 3-3Canadian Tire Teal
P-BP-32:00 PMPillers Canadian Tire Gold 4-3Canadian Tire Red
P-BP-42:30 PMOptimist Canadian Tire Orange 1-6Canadian Tire White
MB-BMB-13:00 PMPillers JDI Cleaning Royal Blue 3-2JDI Cleaning Gold
MB-AMB-23:00 PMLions JDI Cleaning Teal 0-5JDI Cleaning Black
MB-A (XOVER)MB-33:30 PMOptimist JDI Cleaning Red 2-1JDI Cleaning Orange
B-AB-14:00 PMPillers Schlueter Hyundai Royal Blue 3-4Schlueter Hyundai Teal
B-A (XOVER)B-24:00 PMLions Schlueter Hyundai Black 1-6Schlueter Hyundai Red
B-BB-34:30 PMOptimist Schlueter Hyundai Orange 4-3Schlueter Hyundai Gold
MM-A (XOVER)MM-15:00 PMPillers JWS Woodworking 0-8Sun Life Financial
MM-BMM-25:00 PMLions Sportzone 2-0Kitchener Rangers
MM-AMM-35:30 PMOptimist Domino's 1-3Lowe's
M-AM-16:00 PMPillers Pioneer Insurance Brokers 2-9Schlueter Hyundai
M-CM-26:00 PMLions Sportzone 4-3R & S Screen Printing
M-BM-36:30 PMOptimist Piller's 2-1Carefree IT
M-AM-47:00 PMPillers JWS Woodworking 2-5McPhail's
M-CM-57:00 PMLions Domino's 1-11Canadian Tire
M-BM-67:30 PMOptimist JDI Cleaning Systems 5-3Kitchener Rangers
Saturday, December 28, 2013
MA-A (XOVER)MA-48:00 AMPillers Waterloo Engineering Society 5-1Sun Life Financial
MA-BMA-58:00 AMLions Piller's 0-8Domino's
MA-AMA-68:30 AMOptimist Robert J. Ruetz Insurance 3-3Kitchener Rangers
A-AA-59:00 AMPillers ATOMc Yellow 3-1ATOMc Purple
A-BA-69:00 AMLions ATOMc Orange 4-3ATOMc Red
A-BA-79:30 AMOptimist ATOMc Blue 3-5ATOMc Black
A-AA-810:00 AMPillers ATOMc Green 2-6ATOMc Teal
MP-AMP-510:00 AMLions Bimeda Green 2-9Bimeda White
MP-AMP-610:30 AMOptimist Kitchener Rangers 2-3JWS Woodworking
MP-BMP-711:00 AMPillers Carefree IT 0-0Lowe's
MP-BMP-811:00 AMLions Domino's 3-3Delivery Guys
P-AP-511:30 AMOptimist Canadian Tire Teal 0-4Canadian Tire Royal Blue
P-BP-612:00 PMLions Canadian Tire White 3-2Canadian Tire Red
P-BP-712:00 PMPillers Canadian Tire Orange 1-4Canadian Tire Gold
P-AP-812:30 PMOptimist Canadian Tire Black 0-2Canadian Tire Sky Blue
N-A (XOVER)N-41:00 PMPillers Skills Plus Red 5-5Libro Financial
N-BN-51:00 PMLions Skills Plus White 3-3Lowe's
N-AN-61:30 PMOptimist Domino's 1-4Kitchener Rangers
MB-A (XOVER)MB-43:00 PMPillers JDI Cleaning Royal Blue 3-1JDI Cleaning Black
MB-AMB-53:00 PMLions JDI Cleaning Teal 4-3JDI Cleaning Orange
MB-BMB-63:30 PMOptimist JDI Cleaning Red 2-2JDI Cleaning Gold
B-A (XOVER)B-44:00 PMPillers Schlueter Hyundai Orange 3-1Schlueter Hyundai Teal
B-AB-54:00 PMLions Schlueter Hyundai Royal Blue 2-3Schlueter Hyundai Red
B-BB-64:30 PMOptimist Schlueter Hyundai Black 3-4Schlueter Hyundai Gold
MM-A (XOVER)MM-45:00 PMPillers Sportzone 4-4Lowe's
MM-BMM-55:00 PMLions JWS Woodworking 1-3Kitchener Rangers
MM-AMM-65:30 PMOptimist Domino's 0-5Sun Life Financial
M-CM-76:00 PMPillers Canadian Tire 5-2R & S Screen Printing
M-AM-86:00 PMLions McPhail's 3-3Schlueter Hyundai
M-BM-96:30 PMOptimist Kitchener Rangers 1-2Carefree IT
M-CM-107:00 PMPillers Domino's 3-11Sportzone
M-AM-117:00 PMLions JWS Woodworking 7-4Pioneer Insurance Brokers
M-BM-127:30 PMOptimist JDI Cleaning Systems 2-4Piller's
Sunday, December 29, 2013
A-AA-1010:00 AMLions ATOMc Yellow 1-3ATOMc Teal
A-AA-910:00 AMPillers ATOMc Purple 4-1ATOMc Green
A-BA-1110:30 AMOptimist ATOMc Orange 1-6ATOMc Black
A-BA-1211:00 AMPillers ATOMc Red 1-1ATOMc Blue
MP-AMP-911:00 AMLions Bimeda White 3-1Kitchener Rangers
MP-AMP-1011:30 AMOptimist Bimeda Green 1-6JWS Woodworking
MP-BMP-1112:00 PMPillers Lowe's 2-1Domino's
MP-BMP-1212:00 PMLions Carefree IT 0-2Delivery Guys
P-AP-912:30 PMOptimist Canadian Tire Royal Blue 2-1Canadian Tire Black
P-BP-101:00 PMPillers Canadian Tire Red 3-5Canadian Tire Orange
P-AP-111:00 PMLions Canadian Tire Teal 2-3Canadian Tire Sky Blue
P-BP-121:30 PMOptimist Canadian Tire White 1-4Canadian Tire Gold
N-A (XOVER)N-72:00 PMPillers Lowe's 4-0Domino's
N-AN-82:00 PMLions Libro Financial 2-6Kitchener Rangers
N-BN-92:30 PMOptimist Skills Plus White 1-4Skills Plus Red
MA-A (XOVER)MA-73:00 PMPillers Domino's 7-1Robert J. Ruetz Insurance
MA-AMA-83:00 PMLions Sun Life Financial 3-2Kitchener Rangers
MA-BMA-93:30 PMOptimist Piller's 2-5Waterloo Engineering Society
MB-A (XOVER)MB-74:00 PMPillers JDI Cleaning Gold 1-3JDI Cleaning Teal
MB-AMB-84:00 PMLions JDI Cleaning Black 1-0JDI Cleaning Orange
MB-BMB-94:30 PMOptimist JDI Cleaning Red 2-1JDI Cleaning Royal Blue
B-A (XOVER)B-75:00 PMPillers Schlueter Hyundai Gold 1-1Schlueter Hyundai Royal Blue
B-AB-85:00 PMLions Schlueter Hyundai Teal 5-1Schlueter Hyundai Red
B-BB-95:30 PMOptimist Schlueter Hyundai Black 4-2Schlueter Hyundai Orange
MM-A (XOVER)MM-76:00 PMPillers Kitchener Rangers 7-0Domino's
MM-AMM-86:00 PMLions Lowe's 0-3Sun Life Financial
MM-BMM-96:30 PMOptimist JWS Woodworking 1-4Sportzone
M-AM-137:00 PMPillers Schlueter Hyundai 4-1JWS Woodworking
M-CM-147:00 PMLions R & S Screen Printing 5-3Domino's
M-BM-157:30 PMOptimist Carefree IT 3-5JDI Cleaning Systems
M-AM-168:00 PMPillers McPhail's 8-4Pioneer Insurance Brokers
M-CM-178:00 PMLions Canadian Tire 1-4Sportzone
M-BM-188:30 PMOptimist Kitchener Rangers 1-4Piller's
Monday, December 30, 2013
A-ChampsA-SF-19:00 AMPillers ATOMc Orange 2-4ATOMc Teal
A-ChampsA-SF-29:00 AMLions ATOMc Purple 4-3ATOMc Black
P-ChampsP-SF-19:30 AMOptimist Canadian Tire White 4-2Canadian Tire Royal Blue
N-ChampsN-SF-110:15 AMPillers Skills Plus Red 5-4Kitchener Rangers
P-ChampsP-SF-210:15 AMLions Canadian Tire Sky Blue 2-3Canadian Tire Gold
N-ChampsN-SF-210:45 AMOptimist Libro Financial 1-4Lowe's
MA-ChampsMA-SF-111:30 AMLions Waterloo Engineering Society 1-2Sun Life Financial
MP-ChampsMP-SF-111:30 AMPillers Domino's 3-1JWS Woodworking
MA-ChampsMA-SF-212:00 PMOptimist Kitchener Rangers 10-6Domino's
MB-ChampsMB-SF-112:45 PMPillers JDI Cleaning Royal Blue 2-1JDI Cleaning Black
MP-ChampsMP-SF-212:45 PMLions Bimeda White 2-5Lowe's
MB-ChampsMB-SF-21:15 PMOptimist JDI Cleaning Teal 2-3JDI Cleaning Red
B-ChampsB-SF-12:00 PMPillers Schlueter Hyundai Gold 3-5Schlueter Hyundai Teal
B-ChampsB-SF-22:00 PMLions Schlueter Hyundai Red 4-0Schlueter Hyundai Orange
MM-ChampsMM-SF-12:30 PMOptimist Kitchener Rangers 2-6Sun Life Financial
MM-ChampsMM-SF-23:15 PMLions Lowe's 4-0Sportzone
M-ChampsM-SF-13:15 PMPillers McPhail's 3-5Sportzone
M-ChampsM-SF-23:45 PMOptimist Schlueter Hyundai 2-0Piller's
A-ChampsA-F4:30 PMLions ATOMc Purple 6-4ATOMc Teal
MA-ChampsMA-F4:30 PMPillers Kitchener Rangers 10-0Sun Life Financial
N-ChampsN-F5:00 PMOptimist Skills Plus Red 1-2Lowe's
MP-ChampsMP-F6:00 PMLions Domino's 1-5Lowe's
P-ChampsP-F6:00 PMPillers Canadian Tire White 3-4Canadian Tire Gold
MB-ChampsMB-F6:30 PMOptimist JDI Cleaning Royal Blue 2-3JDI Cleaning Red
B-ChampsB-F7:30 PMLions Schlueter Hyundai Red 5-2Schlueter Hyundai Teal
M-ChampsM-F8:00 PMPillers Schlueter Hyundai 1-2Sportzone
MM-ChampsMM-F8:15 PMOptimist Lowe's 4-3Sun Life Financial
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