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U9 Wolves - Leaders of the Pack

Our U9 Wolves are the eldest of our Initiation Program Participants - we call them the Alpha Wolves. These Wolves will be participating in modified Ice Programming until January of each season, where they will transition to Full Ice Hockey at the middle of the month. We do consider the program a transition program between the Initiation Guidelines and "regular" Hockey Canada Guidelines for players U10 and above. 

General Overview

Objective: The primary objective of the U9 Wolves Program is to foster a love for the game among young participants aged 8 years old. The focus will be on developing fundamental hockey skills and incorporating power skating elements to ensure a well-rounded introduction to the sport.

Program Details:

  • Duration: Approximately 28 weeks
  • Frequency: Two sessions per week
    • One session for skills development
    • One session for game play
  • Transition: Initial instruction and game play will take place on a modified ice surface (half ice) with the direction and coaching to transition to skills for full-ice hockey, to begin in January of each season. 

Location: The Initiation hockey program will be conducted at various City of Waterloo rinks, including RIM Park, Albert McCormick, Moses Springer, and Waterloo Rec Complex.

Coaching Staff: Our coaching staff consists of qualified coaches and trainers, meeting the standards set by Hockey Canada. Their expertise will ensure a safe and effective learning environment for all participants.

Curriculum: The curriculum will focus on hockey skills aligned with Hockey Canada pathways, ensuring that participants develop a solid foundation in the key aspects of the game. Special attention will be given to power skating to enhance overall agility and skating proficiency. Power skating session will take place once a month for all ages (4 different sessions).

Safety Measures: Trainers will be present at all sessions, and comprehensive emergency procedures will be in place to address any unforeseen situations. The safety and well-being of participants is our top priorities.

Player Development Model: The U9 Transitional program will adhere to the Long-Term Player Development (LTPD) model endorsed by Hockey Canada. This approach ensures that the program contributes to the holistic development of young players, both on and off ice.

Parent Involvement: Parents are encouraged to actively participate in the Initiation program. Volunteer opportunities will be available, fostering a sense of community and shared responsibility for the success of the program.

Communication and Feedback: Regular communication with parents will be facilitated through website articles and email updates. This will keep parents informed about program activities, progress, and any important announcements. Feedback from parents will be welcomed and considered to continually enhance the program.

We believe that the U9 Transitional hockey program will provide a positive and enriching experience for young participants, laying the groundwork for a lifelong love of the game.