Minor Peewee Ice Wolves, 2011-2012, BB (Waterloo Minor Hockey)


This Team is part of the 2011-2012 season, which is not set as the current season.

Welcome to the 2011/2012 Waterloo Ice Wolves Minor Peewee MD Hockey team

Dear Ice Wolves:

I hope you remember me.

I was there on September 17th  2011 when you began your tryouts.  Boy that seems like a long time ago.  I was there that day when an unknown coaching staff skated you hard to find out how badly you wanted to be on the team.  I was there when you breathed a sigh of relief as those same coaches asked you to be on the team.  I was also there when they skated you so hard during one practice you thought you might be sick and asked yourself why you agreed to join.

I was there in Detroit when you cheered on the Red Wings. I was with you at the semi final in Burlington and visited again a little while later after you lost in the finals.  We became friends throughout the season never parting for too long.

I shared in the sorrow of losing a Grandpa but was proud as you wore your thermometer so he and everyone would be reminded how hard you had worked.  I recall the fun in Niagara as we went to the“show”, and then helped pack up your things for the long heartbreaking drive back home.

I was there when you made that incredible save and was even there when you felt like you had let the whole team down as you turned to dig the puck out of the net.  I was there as you skated through that wicked check and slid it past their goalie.  I also remember sitting on the couch and on the bench with you when you didn’t feel well enough to play.

I remember the rides home when you thanked Mom and Dad for being there too, for supporting you after every game.  I was there as you listened intently to your coaches before and after each game and I laughed out loud at their antics.  Their heads sure did look funny after you shaved them.

I will not soon forget the Alliance Championships and how great it felt to tie that final game up.  Then I sat quietly in the room with you until you got over the pain of losing in OT.  Thankfully it wasn’t long afterward that we hooked up again.

Sometimes my friends Hardship and Dejection get there before me and usually Sadness and Grief aren’t too far behind.  They usually invite Exhaustion too.  But then Determination and Grit show up and things get much better. Mr. Will Power and I.M. Courageous are always with me.

My nickname is Happy and some say I look like my twin brothers Hardwork and Teamwork but I say I look more like my parents Joy and Silly.  I have a Russian cousin name Sergei and at one time I hung around with a guy name Ralph Kleinshmidt, but I don’t talk about that much anymore.

Yes I was there through the thick and the thin, the highs and the lows.  If you agree not to forget me, I’ll never forget you.

Sincerely your friend,



'Twas the weekend of Championships, and it truly did seem, 
not a creature was stirring, except the Ice Wolves team. 
Their equipment had been hung by the furnace with care, 
in hopes that the odours would disperse with dry air. 
Their bags were all checked even under some beds, 
as visions of Victory danced in their heads. 
Early on Friday they headed for Perth, 
to begin their tough journey towards a Championship berth. 
As they jumped on the ice there arose such a clatter, 
That people for miles came to see what was the matter. 
Bleachers were filled with black and with gold, 
the fans were ecstatic, both young and the old. 
As the overhead lights made the ice shine like glass, 
I think that the players were glad to miss class. 
The mist soon was cleared and like a Zamboni breeze, 
appeared Coach Hendel and those Minor Peewees. 
"Eat it" coachee yells to Farny and to Chappy. 
Their gloves are like glue which makes him more happy. 
"Remember to own it and protect all the blue". 
But really they don't need to be told what to do. 

Hobby is there hovering like a hawk on its prey. 
While Hoggy and Alvarez crash the net day after day. 
"Top shelf it young Illes", from the bench it was said. 
Braundy tips it from Leung and they put it to bed. 
Bandura skates to centre then feeds to the right, 
both Fleming and Kelly play twice their opponents height. 
From the point Conway and Graham unleash their rockets. 
Beacock and McBain, they check like pick pockets. 
Captain Ronson and Shultzy they pinch at the line, 
Hendel yells, "Skate your holes off - now it’s our time!!" 
When the final buzzer brings the year to an end, 
the Ice Wolves know only hard work is their friend. 

Faster than lightning they skated, and with power they hit. 
Pushed 1 degree harder and even outwit. 
A victorious cheer at the end of their fight......

"Check-mate to Sergei and to all a good night!!"

Go Ice Wolves!!

Coach Gery
Blake, Pete, Ian, Graeme and Shaun

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