Schedule & Results, WHL Championship Weekend, 2021-2022 (Waterloo Minor Hockey)

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Friday, March 25, 2022
Group AU10/11-15:00 PMRIM-L Tundra Wolves1-7Ice Wolves
Group AU12-15:30 PMMoses Ice Wolves3-3Mountain Wolves
Group AU9-15:30 PMAMCW Ice Wolves4-6Mountain Wolves
Group BU10/11-26:00 PMRIM-L Wild Wolves7-1Timber Wolves
Group A (XOVER)U10/11-36:00 PMRIM-P Mountain Wolves4-9Arctic Wolves
Group AU9-26:00 PMAMCE Wild Wolves3-4Timber Wolves
Group AU12-26:30 PMMoses Arctic Wolves4-1Wild Wolves
Play-InU13-16:30 PMAMCW Ice Wolves2-0Timber Wolves
Group AU14-17:00 PMAMCE Ice Wolves0-5Arctic Wolves
Group AU16/18-17:00 PMRIM-P Mountain Wolves2-1Ice Wolves
Group BU16/18-27:00 PMRIM-L Timber Wolves2-0Tundra Wolves
Semi-FinalU13-2 (Game 1)7:30 PMMoses Mountain Wolves2-4Arctic Wolves
Group AU15-17:30 PMAMCW Ice Wolves2-2Arctic Wolves
Group AU18-18:00 PMRIM-P Alpha Wolves2-3Wild Wolves
Group BU18-28:00 PMRIM-L Timber Wolves3-4Ice Wolves
Group AU15-28:30 PMAMCW Timber Wolves6-2Mountain Wolves
Group A (XOVER)U16/18-38:30 PMMoses Wild Wolves5-3Arctic Wolves
Group A (XOVER)U18-39:00 PMRIM-L River Wolves8-3Sea Wolves
Saturday, March 26, 2022
Semi-FinalU13-3 (Game 2)9:30 AMRIM-L Mountain Wolves1-4Arctic Wolves
Semi-FinalU13-4 (Game 1)10:00 AMRIM-P Ice Wolves1-6Wild Wolves
Group AU9-310:00 AMAMCE Mountain Wolves11-3Wild Wolves
Group AU15-310:30 AMRIM-O Arctic Wolves2-2Timber Wolves
Group AU9-410:30 AMAMCW Ice Wolves6-2Timber Wolves
Group AU10/11-411:00 AMAMCE Ice Wolves3-1Arctic Wolves
Group AU14-311:00 AMRIM-P Arctic Wolves2-1Mountain Wolves
Group BU10/11-511:30 AMAMCW Timber Wolves3-3Mountain Wolves
Group AU15-411:30 AMRIM-O Mountain Wolves1-3Ice Wolves
Group AU16/18-412:00 PMRIM-L Ice Wolves1-1Arctic Wolves
Group BU16/18-512:00 PMRIM-P Tundra Wolves3-3Wild Wolves
Group A (XOVER)U10/11-612:30 PMAMCW Wild Wolves3-3Tundra Wolves
Group A (XOVER)U16/18-612:30 PMRIM-O Timber Wolves0-1Mountain Wolves
Group AU12-41:00 PMAMCE Ice Wolves3-2Arctic Wolves
Group AU18-41:00 PMRIM-P Wild Wolves6-4Sea Wolves
Group A (XOVER)U18-51:00 PMRIM-L Timber Wolves2-3Alpha Wolves
Group AU12-31:30 PMAMCW Mountain Wolves6-1Wild Wolves
Group BU18-61:30 PMRIM-O Ice Wolves3-2River Wolves
Group AU9-52:30 PMAMCW Wild Wolves2-16Ice Wolves
Semi-FinalU13-5 (Game 2)3:00 PMRIM-P Ice Wolves1-4Wild Wolves
Group AU9-63:00 PMAMCE Timber Wolves6-6Mountain Wolves
Group A (XOVER)U10/11-73:30 PMAMCW Timber Wolves0-2Ice Wolves
BRNZ SemiU13-6 (Game 1)3:30 PMRIM-O Timber Wolves4-1Mountain Wolves
Group AU10/11-84:00 PMAMCE Arctic Wolves4-2Tundra Wolves
Group AU15-64:00 PMRIM-L Timber Wolves4-6Ice Wolves
Group AU14-54:15 PMRIM-P Ice Wolves2-3Mountain Wolves
Group BU10/11-94:30 PMAMCW Mountain Wolves0-7Wild Wolves
Group AU12-55:00 PMAMCE Wild Wolves3-4Ice Wolves
Group AU15-55:00 PMRIM-L Arctic Wolves6-0Mountain Wolves
Group A (XOVER)U16/18-75:15 PMRIM-P Tundra Wolves5-7Ice Wolves
Group AU12-65:30 PMAMCW Arctic Wolves0-2Mountain Wolves
Group AU16/18-85:30 PMRIM-O Arctic Wolves2-2Mountain Wolves
Group BU16/18-96:00 PMRIM-L Wild Wolves2-2Timber Wolves
Group A (XOVER)U18-76:15 PMRIM-P Ice Wolves5-2Wild Wolves
Group AU18-86:30 PMRIM-O Sea Wolves1-5Alpha Wolves
Group BU18-97:00 PMRIM-L River Wolves3-4Timber Wolves
Sunday, March 27, 2022
ChampionshU9-SF19:30 AMAMCW Wild Wolves3-8Mountain Wolves
BRNZ SemiU13-7 (Game 2)10:00 AMRIM-L Timber Wolves2-1Mountain Wolves
ChampionshU13-8 (Game 1)10:00 AMRIM-P Arctic Wolves0-5Wild Wolves
ChampionshU9-SF210:00 AMAMCE Timber Wolves6-5Ice Wolves
Group AU15-SF110:30 AMRIM-O Mountain Wolves1-2Ice Wolves
ChampionshU10/11-SF110:45 AMAMCW Mountain Wolves0-6Ice Wolves
ChampionshU10/11-SF211:15 AMAMCE Arctic Wolves1-5Wild Wolves
ChampionshU14-SF11:15 AMRIM-P Ice Wolves2-1Mountain Wolves
Group AU15-SF211:45 AMRIM-O Timber Wolves4-2Arctic Wolves
ChampionshU10/11-CNSL12:00 PMAMCW Timber Wolves4-2Tundra Wolves
ChampionshU12-SF112:30 PMAMCE Arctic Wolves3-2Ice Wolves
ChampionshU16/18-SF112:30 PMRIM-P Timber Wolves0-2Mountain Wolves
ChampionshU16/18-SF212:30 PMRIM-L Ice Wolves4-2Wild Wolves
ChampionshU18-SF11:00 PMRIM-O Alpha Wolves2-3Ice Wolves
ChampionshU12-SF21:15 PMAMCW Wild Wolves1-9Mountain Wolves
ChampionshU18-SF21:45 PMRIM-L Timber Wolves3-5Wild Wolves
BRNZ FinalU13-93:00 PMRIM-P Timber Wolves2-3Ice Wolves
ChampionshU9-CNSL3:00 PMAMCE Ice Wolves5-2Wild Wolves
ChampionshU9-FINAL3:30 PMAMCW Timber Wolves1-10Mountain Wolves
ChampionshU10/11-BRNZ4:15 PMAMCE Arctic Wolves8-1Mountain Wolves
ChampionshU13-10 (Game 2)4:15 PMRIM-P Arctic Wolves1-4Wild Wolves
ChampionshU10/11-FINAL4:45 PMAMCW Wild Wolves3-0Ice Wolves
ChampionshU14-FINAL5:30 PMRIM-L Ice Wolves1-0Arctic Wolves
Group AU15-FINAL5:30 PMRIM-P Timber WolvesIce Wolves
ChampionshU12-CNSL6:00 PMAMCE Ice Wolves2-6Wild Wolves
ChampionshU12-FINAL6:30 PMAMCW Arctic Wolves3-1Mountain Wolves
ChampionshU16/18-FINAL6:45 PMRIM-P Ice WolvesMountain Wolves
ChampionshU18-FINAL8:00 PMRIM-P Wild Wolves3-4Ice Wolves
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