Schedule & Results, Memorial Tournament, 2016-2017 (Waterloo Minor Hockey)

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Friday, November 11, 2016
B-A (XOVER)B-A18:00 AMPillers Windsor Jr Spitfires 1-2Burlington Eagles Gold
B-A (XOVER)B-B18:00 AMLions Waterloo Wolves 2-1LaSalle Sabres
B-B (XOVER)B-B28:00 AMAMCE Kitchener Jr Rangers 4-0Burlington Eagles Blue
B-B (XOVER)B-A28:30 AMOptimist GLHA Junior Mustangs Purple 0-3Ottawa Valley Silver Seven
MB-A (XOVER)MB-A18:30 AMAMCW Vaughan Rangers 2-4London Jr. Knights Green
MB-A (XOVER)MB-A29:30 AMPillers Cambridge Hawks 5-1Windsor Jr Spitfires
MB-B (XOVER)MB-B19:30 AMAMCE Kitchener Jr Rangers Blue 2-1Brantford 99ers
MB-CMB-C19:30 AMLions Waterloo Wolves 1-7London Jr. Knights White
MB-B (XOVER)MB-B210:00 AMAMCW Guelph Gryphons 0-2Kitchener Jr Rangers Red
MB-CMB-C210:00 AMOptimist Whitby Wildcats White 2-1Flamborough Sabres
M-AM-A111:00 AMPillers Humberview Huskies 3-0Waterloo Wolves
M-AM-A211:00 AMLions Mississauga Terriers 2-2Brantford 99ers
M-BM-B111:00 AMAMCE Belle River Canadiens 1-2Kitchener Jr Rangers
M-BM-B211:30 AMOptimist Windsor Jr Spitfires 5-3Cambridge Hawks
MM-B (XOVER)MM-A112:30 PMAMCE Hamilton Huskies 4-1LaSalle Sabres
MM-B (XOVER)MM-B112:30 PMPillers New Hamburg Huskies 0-3Kitchener Jr. Rangers
MM-A (XOVER)MM-B212:30 PMLions Stratford Warriors 0-2Oshawa Minor Generals
MM-A (XOVER)MM-A21:00 PMOptimist Whitby Wildcats 2-0Waterloo Wolves
B-AB-A32:00 PMLions LaSalle Sabres 3-0Burlington Eagles Gold
B-AB-A42:00 PMAMCE Kitchener Jr Rangers 4-3GLHA Junior Mustangs Purple
B-BB-B32:00 PMPillers Windsor Jr Spitfires 1-1Waterloo Wolves
B-BB-B42:30 PMAMCW Ottawa Valley Silver Seven 0-1Burlington Eagles Blue
MB-CMB-C32:30 PMOptimist London Jr. Knights White 3-2Caledon Hawks
M-AM-A33:30 PMPillers Waterloo Wolves 2-3Kent Cobras
MB-AMB-A43:30 PMAMCE Windsor Jr Spitfires 0-0Guelph Gryphons
MB-CMB-C43:30 PMLions Flamborough Sabres 2-4Waterloo Wolves
M-BM-B34:00 PMAMCW Kitchener Jr Rangers 2-3Mississauga Jets
MB-BMB-B44:00 PMOptimist Kitchener Jr Rangers Red 3-1Cambridge Hawks
M-AM-A45:00 PMLions Brantford 99ers 2-6Humberview Huskies
M-BM-B45:00 PMAMCE Cambridge Hawks 3-2Belle River Canadiens
MB-AMB-A35:00 PMPillers London Jr. Knights Green 3-0Kitchener Jr Rangers Blue
MB-BMB-B35:30 PMAMCW Brantford 99ers 3-5Vaughan Rangers
MM-AMM-A36:30 PMLions New Hamburg Huskies 1-3Hamilton Huskies
MM-AMM-A46:30 PMPillers Oshawa Minor Generals 3-3Waterloo Wolves
MM-BMM-B36:30 PMAMCE Kitchener Jr. Rangers 2-1LaSalle Sabres
MM-BMM-B47:00 PMOptimist Whitby Wildcats 2-1Stratford Warriors
M-AM-A58:00 PMLions Kent Cobras 0-1Mississauga Terriers
MB-CMB-C58:00 PMPillers Caledon Hawks 5-0Whitby Wildcats White
M-BM-B58:30 PMOptimist Mississauga Jets 6-1Windsor Jr Spitfires
Saturday, November 12, 2016
B-AB-A68:00 AMLions GLHA Junior Mustangs Purple 0-2LaSalle Sabres
MB-AMB-A68:00 AMAMCE Guelph Gryphons 3-3Kitchener Jr Rangers Blue
MB-BMB-B58:00 AMPillers Cambridge Hawks 5-0Vaughan Rangers
B-BB-B68:30 AMOptimist Waterloo Wolves 3-1Ottawa Valley Silver Seven
MB-AMB-A58:30 AMAMCW Windsor Jr Spitfires 0-4London Jr. Knights Green
B-AB-A59:30 AMPillers Burlington Eagles Gold 8-0Kitchener Jr Rangers
B-BB-B59:30 AMAMCE Burlington Eagles Blue 3-1Windsor Jr Spitfires
MB-CMB-C69:30 AMLions Whitby Wildcats White 0-3Waterloo Wolves
MB-BMB-B610:00 AMAMCW Kitchener Jr Rangers Red 6-2Brantford 99ers
MB-CMB-C710:00 AMOptimist Flamborough Sabres 0-8London Jr. Knights White
M-AM-A611:00 AMPillers Mississauga Terriers 2-5Humberview Huskies
M-AM-A711:00 AMLions Brantford 99ers 0-5Waterloo Wolves
M-BM-B611:00 AMAMCE Windsor Jr Spitfires 6-0Belle River Canadiens
M-BM-B711:30 AMOptimist Cambridge Hawks 2-4Kitchener Jr Rangers
MM-AMM-A512:30 PMAMCE Hamilton Huskies 3-2Oshawa Minor Generals
MM-AMM-A612:30 PMPillers Waterloo Wolves 2-1New Hamburg Huskies
MM-BMM-B512:30 PMLions LaSalle Sabres 2-6Stratford Warriors
MM-BMM-B61:00 PMOptimist Kitchener Jr. Rangers 2-2Whitby Wildcats
B-BB-B72:00 PMPillers Burlington Eagles Blue 0-1Waterloo Wolves
MB-CMB-C82:00 PMLions Waterloo Wolves 3-6Caledon Hawks
B-AB-A72:30 PMAMCW LaSalle Sabres 2-2Kitchener Jr Rangers
B-BB-B82:30 PMOptimist Ottawa Valley Silver Seven 3-1Windsor Jr Spitfires
B-AB-A83:30 PMLions Burlington Eagles Gold 7-0GLHA Junior Mustangs Purple
M-AM-A83:30 PMPillers Humberview Huskies 3-1Kent Cobras
M-BM-B84:00 PMAMCW Belle River Canadiens 0-1Mississauga Jets
MB-AMB-A74:00 PMOptimist London Jr. Knights Green 4-0Guelph Gryphons
MB-BMB-B74:30 PMAMCE Vaughan Rangers 1-4Kitchener Jr Rangers Red
M-AM-A95:00 PMLions Waterloo Wolves 2-1Mississauga Terriers
MB-CMB-C95:00 PMPillers London Jr. Knights White 9-2Whitby Wildcats White
M-BM-B95:30 PMOptimist Kitchener Jr Rangers 1-3Windsor Jr Spitfires
MB-AMB-A85:30 PMAMCW Kitchener Jr Rangers Blue 3-2Windsor Jr Spitfires
MB-BMB-B86:00 PMAMCE Brantford 99ers 1-5Cambridge Hawks
MM-AMM-A76:30 PMPillers Waterloo Wolves 3-2Hamilton Huskies
MM-AMM-A86:30 PMLions Oshawa Minor Generals 5-0New Hamburg Huskies
MM-BMM-B77:00 PMOptimist LaSalle Sabres 1-7Whitby Wildcats
MM-BMM-B87:00 PMAMCW Stratford Warriors 3-4Kitchener Jr. Rangers
MB-CMB-C108:00 PMPillers Caledon Hawks 5-2Flamborough Sabres
M-AM-A108:30 PMOptimist Kent Cobras 3-1Brantford 99ers
M-BM-B108:30 PMAMCW Mississauga Jets 6-1Cambridge Hawks
Sunday, November 13, 2016
MB-ChampMB-SF-18:00 AMPillers Cambridge Hawks 2-5London Jr. Knights Green
MB-ChampMB-SF-28:00 AMLions Kitchener Jr Rangers Red 2-3London Jr. Knights White
B-ChampB-SF-18:30 AMOptimist Burlington Eagles Blue 2-4Burlington Eagles Gold
B-ChampB-SF-29:45 AMPillers LaSalle Sabres 4-5Waterloo Wolves
MM-ChampMM-SF-110:00 AMLions Kitchener Jr. Rangers 3-1Hamilton Huskies
MM-ChampMM-SF-210:15 AMOptimist Oshawa Minor Generals 3-5Whitby Wildcats
M-ChampM-SF-111:45 AMPillers Windsor Jr Spitfires 0-3Humberview Huskies
M-ChampM-SF-212:15 PMOptimist Kent Cobras 0-5Mississauga Jets
MB-ChampMB-F2:00 PMOptimist London Jr. Knights White 0-1London Jr. Knights Green
B-ChampB-F3:00 PMPillers Burlington Eagles Gold 1-0Waterloo Wolves
MM-ChampMM-F4:00 PMOptimist Kitchener Jr. Rangers 2-0Whitby Wildcats
M-ChampM-F5:00 PMPillers Humberview Huskies 2-4Mississauga Jets
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