Major Midget Recreation 1995/1996, 2012-2013 (Waterloo Minor Hockey)


This League is part of the 2012-2013 season, which is not set as the current season.
TeamGPWLTPtsGFGADiffGF %Last 10StreakLast Game
Allstate Insurance Grey11821174332+110.5737-2-1WON 4vs. Pillers, 2-4 (W)
Kitchener Rangers11731154037+30.5197-2-1WON 2vs. Allstate Insurance Blue, 0-2 (W)
Sport Zone11740143722+150.6276-4-0WON 4@ JDI Cleaning Systems, 3-1 (W)
Delivery Guys11740143521+140.6257-3-0WON 2@ Schlueter Chevrolet, 5-2 (W)
Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse11740143628+80.5637-3-0WON 1@ Robert Ruetz Insurance, 1-0 (W)
R & S Screening11641134336+70.5446-3-1WON 1vs. Schlueter Hyundai, 1-7 (W)
Schlueter Chevrolet11650123947-80.4535-5-0LOST 1vs. Delivery Guys, 5-2 (L)
Pillers11650123027+30.5265-5-0LOST 1@ Allstate Insurance Grey, 2-4 (L)
Robert Ruetz Insurance1155111212100.5004-5-1LOST 2vs. Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse, 1-0 (L)
Allstate Insurance Blue1138062837-90.4312-8-0LOST 2@ Kitchener Rangers, 0-2 (L)
JDI Cleaning Systems11110022039-190.3391-9-0LOST 6vs. Sport Zone, 3-1 (L)
Schlueter Hyundai11110022651-250.3381-9-0LOST 9@ R & S Screening, 1-7 (L)
Regular Season
TeamGPWLTPtsGFGADiffGF %Last 10StreakLast Game
Delivery Guys161033236836+320.6546-2-2WON 2@ Pillers, 7-1 (W)
Kitchener Rangers161141235336+170.5969-1-0WON 4vs. JDI Cleaning Systems, 2-7 (W)
Allstate Insurance Grey161042225338+150.5827-2-1WON 3@ Schlueter Hyundai, 3-1 (W)
Robert Ruetz Insurance16853193826+120.5944-3-3TIED 1@ Sport Zone, 1-1 (T)
Pillers16871174449-50.4734-5-1LOST 1vs. Delivery Guys, 7-1 (L)
Sport Zone16871175638+180.5965-4-1TIED 1vs. Robert Ruetz Insurance, 1-1 (T)
Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse16583134750-30.4853-5-2TIED 2vs. Allstate Insurance Blue, 5-5 (T)
Schlueter Hyundai16691134757-100.4524-6-0LOST 1vs. Allstate Insurance Grey, 3-1 (L)
Schlueter Chevrolet16691135981-220.4213-6-1WON 1vs. R & S Screening, 3-5 (W)
R & S Screening166100126361+20.5083-7-0LOST 6@ Schlueter Chevrolet, 3-5 (L)
JDI Cleaning Systems165110103874-360.3394-6-0LOST 4@ Kitchener Rangers, 2-7 (L)
Allstate Insurance Blue164102104767-200.4122-7-1TIED 1@ Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse, 5-5 (T)