OMEGA-DELTA-BETA - LET'S GO!! (Waterloo Minor Hockey)



Our Pack is made up of 3 different classifications of Wolves: 

1. Omega Wolves (U6)
2. Delta Wolves (U7)
3. Beta Wolves (U8)

Program Details

Structure:  Age divisions will be separated into divisions, as per Hockey Canada policies, but are all Wolves’ and part of The Pack. Each player will be provided with a jersey, to keep at the end of the season.

1. Omega Wolves – 4- and 5-Year Old's (U6)

  • o   Even though the Omega Wolf is the youngest in the pack, they are essential for the survival of the group.
  • o   Known for their energy and dedication, the Omega Wolves have a distinctive mission to advance the success of everyone in the Wolf Pack.
  • o   Team players, Omega’s are ready and eager to learn.

2. Delta Wolves – 6-year-olds (U7)

  • o   Deltas are known for their strength and resilience within the Pack.
  • o   Although not in charge of the Pack, they are learning to be leaders.
  • o   They are focused on their training and can execute the skills they are taught almost immediately.

3. Beta Wolves – 7-year-olds (U8)

  • o   Betas are the Leaders of the younger members of the Pack– second in command behind the older U9 Wolves
  • o   The Betas are known to be quiet but confident.
  • o   They are fast, agile and know what it takes to succeed – both on and off the ice.