PHASE 2 - FAQ UPDATED (Waterloo Minor Hockey)



Phase 2 - Frequently Asked Questions



Q- What will hockey look like in Phase 2?

A- Due to the Region of Waterloo opening in the Red Zone under the provincial framework, the WMHA is required to:

-      Impose a limit of 10 players on the ice surface at any time.

-      Impose a limit of 4 coaches/trainers on the ice at any time.

-      Restrict on ice activities to “skills and drills” only, no gameplay permitted.

Q- Is there a chance we will play games in Phase 2?

A - When our region is permitted to open in the Orange Zone under the provincial framework, we will be permitted to play 5-on-5 hockey, with games. We may even be permitted to travel, within our Public Health Unit. Naturally, we will not know any of the details, until our numbers get closer to the Orange levels. We do know that the City of Waterloo, has committed to keeping a certain number of ice pads, operational longer then normal, so we can extend our season past its usual deadline of the end of March/early April.  

Q – What is the duration of Phase 2?

A – Phase 2 will run from (approx.) February 18 – April 18, 2021

Q- I understand the WMHA has provided each player and goalie with a “CCM Mask On”, game mask. Is it mandatory to wear these masks, during our ice time?

A – No, the masks are not mandatory, but strongly encouraged. The WMHA wants to take every precaution to assist in protecting our athletes and coaches. We know masks help stop the spread of COVID-19 and we hope this measure will get us closer to playing “regular” hockey again.



Q – How do I register for Phase 2

A – If you are a returning WMHA player, who registered for Phase 1, you do NOT have to register for Phase 2. Our Hockey Office and our Coaches will assume you are returning for Phase 2. If you are choosing not to return for Phase 2, please email our Hockey Office at [email protected].


Q – So, I do NOT have to log into my Hockey Canada account and register for Phase 2?

A – No, you do not have to log into your Hockey Canada account for Phase 2. Your Phase 1 registration automatically registers your player for Phase 2.


Q – What if my child did not play in Phase 1, but would like to register for Phase 2?

A – Please email our Hockey Office, at [email protected] and they will assist you with information on Phase 2 Registration.


Q – What if my player played for another Association this Season, but now, they are not offering programming?

A – Please email our Hockey Office, at [email protected] and they will assist you with next steps.



Q – How much is the Phase 2 registration fee if I am a returning player?

A – The Phase 2 Registration Fees are:

HL - $200.00

Rep - $310.00


The fees are to be paid in installments, as follows:


                                    HL                                                        REP 

  1.     $25.00   due Feb 20th                        $55.00 due Feb 20th
  2.     $75.00   due March 2nd                      $100.00 due March 2nd
  3.    3rdinstallment due March 20th *        3rd installment due March 20th 



Q – How much is the Phase 2 registration fee, if I am a new player to Waterloo Minor Hockey?

HL - $250.00

Rep - $405.00 *we do not anticipate new players to our Rep Program, as Evaluations were held in September to select players.


Q – Why is the fee higher for new players to the WMHA?

A – The fee is higher due to the addition of a Hockey Canada Insurance premium, that our returning players would have paid, as part of their Phase 1 fee.

Q – Does the reduced registration fee for HL Goalies still apply for Phase 2? 

A – Yes, the fee for HL Goalies for Phase 2, will be 50% of the regular fee.

Q – How do I pay the Phase 2 registration fee?

A – The WMHA will once again be using PlayPay to collect our Phase 2 registration fees. If you already have an account with PlayPay, you can login and choose either “Phase 2 – Registration Fee- Rep” OR “Phase 2 Registration Fee – HL”. Add the applicable fee to your cart and check out. If you have not used PlayPay in the past, you will need to create a new account and follow the instructions.

Q – I cannot remember how to use PlayPay and/or what my password is?

A – PlayPay has a “reset password” option. Please click on the link, to reset your password.

Here are some helpful PlayPay Links/Information:

PlayPay’s main site 

-  Returning Player: How to process payment for a returning player:

·         Log Into you PlayPay account. In your PlayPay account, click ‘my organizations’.

·         For the specific player, click the change hyperlink in the Activities column.

·         Make the required changes and/or add new activities, when completed click the ‘Save Activities’ button.

·         Repeat as required for each player. 

- New Player: How to process payment for a new player:

How to make a Payment on PlayPay:

·         In your PlayPay account, click ‘my payments’ and then click ‘make a payment’.

·         Enter the payment amount. You’ll see a summary of Amount Owed which can be paid in full, or spread over a few separate payments.

·         Choose from one of four ways to pay. There is a 2.5% convenience fee to pay by credit card. There is no cost to make payments by e-cheque (i.e., direct debit), bank payment or interac


·         You'll be notified by email when your payment is processed.


**IMPORTANT – If at any time you are prompted to enter your player’s Hockey Canada ID, please enter: 0 (zero)**


Q – Can I receive a refund of my Phase 2 Fee, if my player decides not to play?

A – A refund can be issued, on a prorated basis (depending on how many ice times, your player attended). There will be a $20 administrative fee charged to cover the Association’s cost of processing the refund.


Q – How will the WMHA be handling COVID-19 Screening for Phase 2?

A – Due to feedback received from our Members, regarding the software used to screen our participants in Phase 1, we are transitioning to a new system titled “SportsHeadz Health Check In”. SportsHeadz has developed an APP that can be used by Parents/Players to complete the screening, on their smartphones.

Q – How do I set up my player/myself on the SportsHeadz App?

A – The set up and compliance monitoring of the Health Check In, will be conducted at the Team Level. You should have received an email from your “Covid Team Rep” with more details. If you have not, please contact the Hockey Office at [email protected].

Q – Is there a cost to the Association to transition to the SportsHeadz Health Check in App?

A – No, there is no cost to the Association to transition to and use of the SportsHeadz Health Check in App. SportsHeadz is the same company that develops and supports the WMHA website.

Q – What should I do if my player/myself test positive for COVID-19 or we have been directly exposed to COVID-19?

A – Please contact your Coach/Team Rep and let them know, immediately. They will reach out to our Office and we will follow up with next steps and procedures.



Q – What will the entry process be for accessing the City of Waterloo rinks?

A – Our understanding is the entry procedure will be the same as the one used between September – December 2020. You will gather as a team, no earlier than 15 minutes prior to your ice time. You will then be ushered into the rink and assigned to a group of chairs to complete your dressing. Once again, your player should come to the rink, with everything on but their gloves, skates and helmet. For goalies, they should have their “uppers” on (as much as possible) and put on their gloves/blockers, helmet, pads and skates when they arrive at the rink.


Q – Are Parents/Guardians allowed to accompany their player into the City of Waterloo rinks?

A – Yes, ONE (1) parent/guardian is allowed to accompany their player in the rink


Q – Are siblings allowed to enter the City of Waterloo rinks, with their Parents and player?

A – Our understanding is, YES – siblings can accompany their Parent into the rink and wait while their parent assists their player with the completion of dressing; however, once the player is dressed, they must leave the facility to comply with gathering restrictions.


Q – Will dressing rooms be available for Phase 2?
A – We have been informed by the City of Waterloo, that dressing rooms will not be available at this time. When this information changes, we will let you know.


Q – What if I disagree or have feedback regarding the City of Waterloo policies?

A – If you have feedback or concerns regarding the City of Waterloo COVID-19 entry or usage policies, please call Recreational Services at 519-884-5363 or Customer Service at 519-886-2310.

Please remember: the WMHA does not set City of Waterloo nor Region of Waterloo policies. As a User Group under contract with the City, we must follow the guidelines as imposed.





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