2020-21 Rep Evaluations (Waterloo Minor Hockey)

Print2020-21 Rep Evaluations


Eligible players who are interested in participating with our elite tiered rep hockey program (AAA, AA or MD) are invited to register for our skills assessment and evaluation streaming sessions.  Players should register for the stream that best suits their level of skill and ability as separate fees will apply for each evaluation stream into which players register or are placed.

For each stream, players will be grouped into "Evaluation Cohorts" (ie - "Bubbles") of no more than 18 skaters & 2 goalies. Players will be remaining in these Cohorts for the duration of the Evaluation Skates.  Cohort lists will be posted and emailed prior to your first Evaluation ice time.

Players will be evaluated and informed of their final streaming placement at the conclusion of the assessments on the team websites.

Please review our Return to Hockey FAQs for information on player eligibility to attend evaluations.

STEP 3 below contains information regarding rules and procedures that all players and parents must follow when attending any ice times.  Coaches, players and parents are required to read and follow the Hockey Canada Safety Guidelines – Roles and Responsibilities in all respects when participating in any on-ice or off-ice activities, including all evaluation sessions.  In particular, parents should note the following responsibilities:

• Stay at home if experiencing any symptoms
• Become educated on the safety protocols and procedures prior to attending any on-ice or off-ice activity and adhere to them while accessing or using arena facilities
• Ensure each player has his own water bottle which is clearly labelled and sanitized prior to each session and his own hand sanitizer
• Ensure equipment is dried, cleaned and/or sanitized following each ice time
• Exit the facility immediately after your ice time through the dedicated exit
• Refrain from cheering and yelling as it presents a high risk of spreading droplets
• Do not spit, blow nose freely or release any bodily fluid anywhere in any facility due to an extremely high risk of virus transfer.


**City of Waterloo Residents - Please follow the 2-Step Registration process as outlined below.

**Non-Waterloo Residents - For non-residents who played on a Waterloo AAA or AA roster during the 2019-20 Season and otherwise meet the player eligibility requirements (see above), please take the following actions to register:

  1. Pay your Evaluation Fee (see Step 2 below)
  2.  Email the WMHA Office at [email protected] and let us know the following:
    - Player Name
    - Date of Birth
    - Home Association
    - Confirm you have purchased an Evaluation pass
  3. WMHA will reach out to your Home Association and let them know that you have chosen to play hockey in Waterloo again for the upcoming Season.
  4. WMHA will contact you once this process is complete and confirm back to you that you can complete Step 1 below to register.


A.  If not already registered, click on the "Register" button below to register with WMHA via the Hockey Canada Registry (HCR)


B.  Complete and submit the Evaluation Registration Form.


Tier 1 (AAA) Fee

Tier 2 (AA) Fee

Tier 3 (MD) Fee








*Payment of Tryout Fee is Non-Refundable*

WMHA has partnered with PlayPay for all Evaluation Registration payments. Payment by e-cheque (i.e., direct debit), bank payment and Interac e-Transfer is FREE. PlayPay charges a 2.5% fee to make payments by credit card.

Create PlayPay Account & Make Payment

1.  Click here to create a PlayPay account & login

2.  Select Waterloo Minor Hockey Association to your personal organization list.

  • In your PlayPay account, click "my organizations".
  • Enter Waterloo in Organization and click ‘Search’.
  • Select "Waterloo Minor Hockey Associationfrom the returned list and click ‘Next’.
  • Enter the player’s full name and dob. Then select the activity(ies) for this player. The activity(ies) can be changed or updated at any time.
  • Click the ‘Add Organization’ button and WMHA will be added to your personal organization list.

3.  Make your payment.

  • In your PlayPay account, click "my payments" and then click "make a payment".
  • Select your Tryout Fee from the dropdown menu and click "Next".
  • Choose from one of four ways to pay. There is no cost to make payments by e-cheque (i.e., direct debit), bank payment or Interac e-Transfer. There is a 2.5% convenience fee to pay by credit card.
  • You'll be notified by email when your payment is processed.


Review our evaluations schedules to find your ice times:

AAA Evaluation Schedules

AA Evaluation Schedules

MD Evaluation Schedules

Please note the following:

SCREENING & CONTACT TRACING - All players (and any accompanying adults) will be required to complete a COVID-19 symptom screening & contact tracing questionnaire prior to their participation in any evaluation ice-time.  WMHA will be using 519CheckIn's symptom screening and contact tracing app for this process. WMHA will email all participants with a link to the App that can be downloaded via the App Store or GooglePlay.

Players showing any signs or symptoms of illness should stay home and out of the hockey environment.  Refer to the Hockey Canada Return to Hockey Safety Guidelines for comprehensive information.

MASKS - The Region of Waterloo’s Mask Bylaw applies to indoor areas in city buildings, including all arenas. Coaches, players and parents are required to follow the bylaw and wear face coverings at all times while in the arena prior to on-ice participationPlayers may only remove their mask immediately prior to putting on their helmet before their ice time, and must put their mask back on immediately after removing their helmet after their ice-time.

ARRIVAL & DEPARTURE - Players may only enter the arena 15 minutes prior to their scheduled ice time.  Dressing Rooms will NOT be available.  Players should arrive fully or partially dressed (without skates) and proceed to the designated dressing area beside the ice surface.  One (1) Parent or Guardian of players under 18 years old may accompany their child to the designated dressing area to assist the player and remain in place at such area to observe their child's ice time.  At the conclusion of their ice time, players must quickly remove their helmet (and put their mask back on), gloves and skates and immediately exit the arena.

WATER BOTTLES - Water fountains will NOT be operational.  Players must bring their own pre-filled and sanitized water bottle for their personal use.  Water bottles should be clearly labelled with the player's name.  Absolutely NO sharing of water bottles is permitted.

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