TIMEKEEPERS APPLICATION - 2024-25 SEASON (Waterloo Minor Hockey)


Please complete this application as the first step in applying for a Timekeepers position with Waterloo Minor Hockey for the 2024-25 Season.


Timekeepers must be a minimum of 13 years of age to officiate in WMHA games. Upon acceptance, new timekeepers will be required to successfully complete a certification program. This position requires considerable commitment by the timekeeper and if under age 18, their parent or guardian also. This position requires punctuality, personal skills, good conduct, rules knowledge, timing device operation and game sheet accuracy.

Applicant Information

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Complete all fields

Read Carefully

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: I acknowledge that as an official for WMHA or WGMHA games, I am not an “employee’ of WMHA, but I provide my services on a freelance basis. I agree to adhere to WMHA and ALLIANCE Hockey, WGMHA and OWHA policies and accept that disciplinary action may be imposed for failing to follow policies. Disciplinary action may include fines, suspension and/or dismissal. Injury insurance is provided by Hockey Canada, not the WMHA nor the WGMHA. I understand that HC injury insurance is supplemental insurance for costs that exceed what is covered by OHIP and your personal insurance policies. I agree that WMHA, WGMHA, its Board of Directors, Officiating Committee or Referee /Timekeeper Assigner will not be financially responsible for injuries incurred while officiating in games assigned by WMHA or WGMHA. I understand that a condition of receiving assignments is my availability and I am required to make my services available for a reasonable amount of time each month when WMHA/WGMHA games are taking place. I understand that I may be required to officiate games early Saturday /Sunday morning s (as early as 7 :00 am) on a regular basis and my refusal to do such games may result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal. I understand that games assigned to me during times that I declared as “available” and/or games accepted by me are my responsibility . I accept that excessive cancellations of my assignments may result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal. Submission of an application does NOT guarantee a timekeeping position with the WMHA or the WGMHA. Acceptance of new timekeepers is also dependent on successful completion of a certification program in early September.